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...and I'm not even Jewish (lulz)

SOOOO anyway I'm finally able to work on stuff this summer, and I'm going to need to because right now I'm planning on selling at Florida Supercon with my best friend.  I'm going to be making prints and stuff, taking commissions, and selling my perler bead crafts. I'm planning on making lots of coasters of popular stuff, as well as another surprise which I'm not going to talk about yet ;)

Anyway, I'll keep everyone updated as to what I'm going to be selling once I get everything planned out. It's probably not going to be until after this academic year (MAY 3 *___*)

If anyone has any request or suggestions of characters/games/etc. to draw and make prints of let me know. I do take considerations very seriously.

Lauren, out.
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March 22, 2013


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